What to do When You Can’t Get Published

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I am working on my fourth start-up venture. They have all failed except for my most current project. I am gaining traction, and lots of it. I have a multi-million dollar project at my fingers tips and it’s ready to explode onto the scene any day now.
So why haven’t I been published? I mean I am working on something uberly cool and my writing skills are OK. I have submitted pitches to lots of Tech magazines in the hopes of  being published so i can start to create a buzz around my start-up, but apparently it’s not enough. Here are some tips about how to get published when no one will publish you.
The #1 rule when you can’t get published is to PUBLISH YOURSELF
Thats it, so i started Founders Wave. A tech, start-up and success blog. for all entrepreneurs and fellow loins who are on the hunt for success.
Some more tips on what to do when you can’t get published include:


  1. Publishing yourself through your social media.

Don’t let those magazines who never responded get you down! You can create a blog for yourself and post the links so your followers can read and follow along. The internet is welcome to everybody so create your space in it and attract a following.


  1. Commit to posting regularly

Once you’ve committed to publishing yourself, commit yourself to posting regularly. Post about whatever you are passionate about. It’s not enough to post once or twice a month, viewers loose track and become uninterested when new content is not flowing. Readers, like writers need new information on a daily basis to keep their minds active.


  1. Find another blogger to team up with

Thanks to the internet we can create relationships with people from around the globe who have the same interests as us. If your running slim on motivation try to see what blogs are already out there. I guarantee there is already someone out there writing about the same thing as you, find them and cultivate a writing relationship to help get each others work noticed. Provide feedback for one another, guest post on each other’s blogs, and post their stuff on your social media. They will be more than willing to do the same.


  1. Submit Relentlessly

I encourage you to be stubborn and not give up on submitting your works of art to online publications. Continue to revise your work, critique it, improve it and resubmit it. You will eventually knock down more doors than you imagined. Even after you’ve published yourself on your own blog it will give you some credibility in the publishing arena that you can point to. Don’t give up on your work. If you have a message and want people to hear it, they will, but you must not give in to the defeat!


How do you get your work published?




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