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Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign? 5 Tools You Should Investigate First

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If you are considering using crowdfunding to raise financial backing for your next project, it is imperative you investigate the crowdfunding landscape before you begin. There has been significant developments in this sector, as companies launch a myriad of resources to assist those interested in raising funding from the crowd. Review the following curated list of crowdfunding tools to see which ones you can use to raise money for your upcoming product or service.


CrowdOx offers campaign add-on tools for Indiegogo and Kickstarter users. Create engaging backer surveys, validate shipping addresses, upgrade payment methods, and improve your checkout process.(


CoverrMe lets you raise funds for anything from an entrepreneurial venture to travel expenses. Unlike popular platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, CoverrMe does not charge any additional fees. Although this platform is small, it is definitely worth checking out if your crowdfunding campaign is unique and not well-suited for mainstream platforms like Indiegogo or Kickstarter. (


PledgeManager helps crowdfunding enthusiasts better manage their backers. Improve your funding process and reduce fees at the same time. Add your own brand imaging to your crowdfunding checkout and tweak your shipping process too. (


If you don’t want to use a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, check out Selfstarter. Their interface lets you create your own crowdfunding site. Fork their code on GitHub and integrate payment platforms like Amazon Payments, Stripe, or WePay. (


Thrinacia offers a multitude of crowdfunding tools. Build your own crowdfunding site. Develop a mobile application to accept funding from backers. You can even make your own crowdfunding widget for your website or blog. (
Investigating crowdfunding tools is an excellent way to uncover the many resources at your disposal. Don’t assume that well-known platforms are your only options. With a little investigative sleuthing, you just might discover a cornucopia of cool tools you can use to raise funds for your next project.

What are you trying to crowdfund?



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