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5 Signs That Co-working is Right for You

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Although you love the camaraderie of Starbucks and Coffee Bean, you have to admit that it gets old after a while. Could it be that you are ready to take the plunge into the world of co-working?

Here are three tell-tale signs that a coworking space is right for you:

1. You have tried every drink on the menu. The chai tea latte is your favorite. You should probably consider a change in scenery if the employees know your name and where you sit every day.


2. Your Starbucks budget is equal to the price of office space. Paying $7 per day for five days per week equals $35. There are cities where monthly membership for co-working space costs less and comes with free coffee.


3. Your productivity levels are falling. Boredom has a way of bringing out the worst in all of us. If you find that motivation, and the lack thereof, is preventing you from reaching your full potential throughout the day, then you may need to look into an atmospheric chance. Co-working spaces are creative hubs because of the many entrepreneurs who pass along good vibes and great ideas.


4. You need structure. Everyone cannot work from home and complete all tasks needed to grow their business. Some entrepreneurs require structure, which is what co-working space offers. You have an office to check in and out of every day, which mirrors your days as a corporate employee.


5. The business is growing, and you have in-person meetings with clients. There is little more embarrassing than presenting yourself as a reputable company right before asking a potential client to meet you at the neighborhood Starbucks for a meeting. Coworking spaces provide the professional appeal that high-paying customers want to see.


Being stuck in a rut is not an option for a business professional such as yourself. Coworking is the best way to step outside of the norm.


What are your thoughts on co-working?


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