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Brain Hacks to Conquer Fear

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Fear is a common emotion and one entrepreneurs learn early on to become OK with. The most successful entrepreneurs have been able to hack their brains instinct to run away at the first sign of failure or hardship. The good news is, you can too.




The idea here is to gain perspective of your situation. If you work in sales, the fear of talking to people, cold calling, advertising – these actions you dread, or have fear of are no longer things that have the capacity to kill us. Your brain is tricking you into believing the threat you perceive as a cell phone is really a lion.




This brain hack explains the feeling of being afraid is really what you are scared of. It isn’t the action or the business move, it’s the feeling of uncertainty. People don’t want to feel uncertain about a decision they make, they want to feel secure. They want to know everything is going to work out. And the truth is, being an entrepreneur, you never know if it’s going to work out. But you have a hand in making the chances higher for yourself by taking action. At least by taking action you have a fighting chance.



Recent research on this theory suggests that humans have a five second window between when our brain’s make a decision and when fear creeps in to stop that decision. These 5 seconds between when your brain makes a decision and when instinctive fear creeps in to stop you is your springboard to act, fast and now. The courage to act immediately when you think of something you should do that is vital to your business, separates thriving entrepreneurs from mediocre ones.




Our brains are quiet the magnifiers, they tend of exaggerate things to the extreme. Making the road down entrepreneurship seem daunting and understandably less traveled. But if we remember what we learned about discovering our individual Success Vitals. If we make those Vitals our focus, we can train our brains to focus at the task at hand. Understanding the task (Your Success Vitals) will move the engine (your business) forward, and create the outcome your after.




The military is one example of an organization’s ability to eliminate a person’s innate response to fear. Conquer it by facing it everyday until it is no longer feared.  Make your greatest weakness your strength by exposing yourself to your fear over and over again. Identify a fear you’ve been harboring, something you wished to rid yourself of and find a way to face it everyday. The process of reprogramming your brain to face your fear will ultimately eliminate it.


Hacking your brain is no easy task, some days will be harder than others and it’s ok. We’re all battling the same animal brain it’s no wonder we haven’t gotten very far. (joking). Being an entrepreneur is a funny thing you know, and facing your fears is part of your longer-term joy. I encourage you to really try and implement tricks to help you get ahead of the curve.



How do you conquer fear?




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