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Why Your Social Media Channel Should Read Like a Story




Social media is all the rage right now, and it will be for many years to come. It’s not enough to just be present in one or more social networking sites. You have to interact with your followers, tag people and companies, take responsibility for what you post and how to influence the people who follow you. To create the most use out of your social media it’s best to document your journey as a story. Create a linear story where readers can identify your tipping point, your up moments and your down moments, involve emotion and photos of the places you’ve gone and the events you’ve attended. The most profound leaders, professionals, filmmakers and media personalities who have earned the respect and trust of the people are those who have managed to use storytelling to build their personal brand and profession.

Here are some tips to help your social media story stick:


Create a story board

Your social media posts should be a reflection of the new insight you receive, the new places you go and the events you attend. Think like a scrapbook. Your posts are the fun little stickers you put around your photos and the pictures are your memories.



People connect best through storytelling

Often times when trying to explain an idea or explain the way something works people use stories to convey their points. Storytelling is what defines and binds our humanity. Knowledge has been passed down through story telling from generation to generation. Before human’s even learned to write, all knowledge relied upon memory to learn anything. A good storyteller was always respected, it’s no wonder that almost all of the media we consume is based on storytelling., it’s what makes us connect, it’s apart of who we are.



Don’t “share” but “tell” content.

You want to narrate your content, you want to build a brand and create influence around your name. Social media is a conversation channel and should be handled as such. You are not on social media to just distribute content, but your purpose should be to share insight and offers advice and opinions of others. Create thought provoking posts to initiate a conversation between your followers and watch your social media grow.



Combine an idea with an emotion

People don’t make decisions with the rational part of their brain. An idea that evokes emotion and a story people can relate to are attention grabbers. Humans instinctively navigate toward stories they empathize with. Stories that empower, outrage and shock are all the more fascinating. The idea of your social media story should be coupled with an emotion, a starting point of where you’ve been and idea, a picture painted through social media of where your going.



What story is your social media telling?




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