Identifying Your Success Vitals

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I recently finished ready a book by Darren Hardy author of “The Compound Effect” and his most recent, “The Entrepreneur Roller-coaster”. He made many important points about the entrepreneur journey, but a key point he illustrated clearly was the importance of identifying and finding the discipline to stick with your success vitals.
These are the three key actions that move the rest of your business forward. Identifying the three key actions is just as important as being able to stick to them. The idea behind being “busy”, filling up your schedule with “things to do” doesn’t necessarily mean your being productive. Think of it as finding the most important actions you take in your life that make everything else possible, those are your Success Vitals.
Darren Hardy uses a literal example of body vitals. Explaining that in a state of emergency, medical professionals will check a person’s vital signs before anything else. A person’s respiratory rate , blood pressure and temperature – which are all life or death physiological indicators. The same concept holds true for your business. There are vital factors that determine the life or death of your business.
My favorite quote from Darren Hardy’s Book about Success Vitals:
“Those few things that mattered the
most but weren’t necessarily the
loudest, most urgent, or most obvious.
But they were the most important”
The kicker to your Success Vitals is that there is a process to finding them. Stick to them and do them amazingly well and delegate the rest of your (busy work) tasks. Read about how to build an excellent team and delegate your tasks HERE
What are your Success Vitals?

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