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Stop Killing Yourself & Get a Standing Desk

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Sitting all day can be the death of you, so it’s clearly not sensible. But why? When your body is sitting for to long it stops using blood sugar efficiently. When you don’t get up and move about, your body doesn’t function as well as it should. The risk of heart disease, obesity, disabilities, and diabetes rises. When you stand, rather than being sedentary for too long, your body works better. You’re efficient at dealing with the food you consume.

Reported benefits of using standing desks include greater energy and fewer aches and pains. Being upright also helps people burn calories faster than when they sit. Check out the major health benefits listed below.


1. Lower risk of Heart Disease

The idea that standing was better for your heart than sitting was proposed in 1953. studies have been done since then that have established a direct connection between prolonged periods of sitting and the increase of heart disease by up to 147%. While you stand your heart works just as hard as it would if you were exercising. Pumping blood to the brain and throughout your body helps with better circulation of your entire body. Enabling your heart to be as strong as possible is key to avoiding heart disease.


2. Standing lowers your risk of weight gain

Long hours of sitting is linked to obesity and metabolic disease. Exercise it a typical solution to burning calories, but an equal amount of time spent standing can increase your calory burn up to 100 more calories a week. The posture and core strength that you gain from standing contributes to the calories you burn while making back pain no longer an issue.


3. Standing lowers your blood sugar

Blood sugar in your body is directly related to body movement. Standing like exercising forces your heart to pump blood throughout your body. Efficiently using the blood sugar in your body is important to avoid any type of blood pressure complications in the future.


4. Standing more reduces back pain and creates better poster

Because back pain is the number one complaint from people with office jobs studies have been conducted to see if the results of a standing desk could improve a persons back pain. After just a month of using a standing desk participants reported a 32% increase. And a study published by the CDC found that the use of a standing desk reduced upper back pain and neck pain by an upward of 54% after just one month


5. Standing desks help improve mood and energy levels

Standing keeps your blood flowing and your mind more alert. It’s a lot harder to get ‘sleepy’ at your desk if your standing, it makes you more aware of your body. Standing at your desk gives you the ability to speak to other people in the office at eye level. You don’t feel like someone is talking down to you because your sitting and they are standing over your desk giving you a task to do. Your energy levels go through the roof when you are standing, while sitting for long periods of time can actually make you tired.


6. Standing more increases your life span

A study done by the Pew Research in 2011 found that Americans can increase their life expectancy by two to five years by reducing sitting time from the standard six hours to just three hours per day instead. If the more you sit is linked directly to your health it makes sense that the more you stand the longer life you will be able to enjoy.


Here is a list of standing desks that I personally use as well as my colleagues, We have all found much joy in standing while doing our work and encourage you to share with us your experience.


1. Life Span Treadmill Desk



To avoid health problems from stillness, stretch and alter your position often. Whether you stand or sit to work, shake your shoulders and move your neck from side-to-side. Extend your arms toward the ceiling and your legs in front of you. Take a walk during coffee and lunch breaks. Use stairs, and walk over to colleagues instead of texting or emailing them.

For increased health, you need to move more. Standing desks are useful as part of a plan to alter your position. You need to keep your blood pumping and elevate your heart rate now and then. Also, remember standing isn’t enough to prevent problems, you’ve got to move.

What are your thoughts about standing desks?


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