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Top 7 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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Even though virtual assistants have been around since the beginning of the 21st century, most companies are still mired in the outdated institution of a conventional office assistant. When you consider that your business could save thousands of dollars a year simply by hiring a virtual assistant, it’s surprising that more managers don’t default to this efficient and cost-effective choice. If you haven’t yet contemplated hiring a virtual assistant there top seven benefits could convince you otherwise


Pay only for what you need

Is the sign of your bored assistant gazing out the window depressingly familiar? Your virtual assistant starts the clock only when actually working on your projects. Many virtual assistants will send you a time log with the completed tasks detailed so that you can feel confident you’re being billed fairly


Benefit from a Broad skill-set

With traditional assistants, when they run into a task that is outside of their skill set, you are stuck with either doing it yourself or hiring yet another employee. Virtual assistants typically have a broader skill-set. If they can’t handle a certain aspect of a project, they will simply outsource the work behind the scenes at no additional cost.


Save on Health Benefits

Hiring a full time assistant generally mens adding yet another employee to the office health care package and providing additional perks. Most virtual assistants are contractors, meaning they provide their own health care, or they work for a virtual assistant company, which then sells you the service at a fixed rate.


Say Goodbye to sick day Excuses

Have you ever gotten a phone call from a sneezing and sniffling assistant the morning of an important deadline, letting you know that your report won’t be completed in time? Since all your projects are only a click away, being bedridden doesn’t keep virtual assistants from doing their job.


Count on Reliable Service

If you need assistance on a part-time basis, you may have used temp agencies in the past. Unfortunately, temps are not known for their reliability. In addition, irregular comings and goings disrupts other employees. Virtual assistants pride themselves on quiet reliability, whether you use them 5 hours a week or 30.


Eliminate office Drama

Every extra body in an office adds a new element to the personal dynamic. An assistant’s abrasive personality may turn off clients or annoy other employees. By contrast, it doesn’t matter whether your virtual assistant is a ray of sunshine of a grouch as long as error-free projects are delivered on time.


If you’re not sure how a virtual assistant would mesh with your current office set-up, give it a try on a temporary basis. The reliability and cost-effectiveness should be enough to convince you to give it a try. You will most likely be impressed that you will wonder why it took so long to make the transition in the first place.



How can a virtual assistant help your business?





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