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Entrepreneurship: Social Media Mistakes Start-Ups Should Avoid


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Many of the best start-ups spend plenty of time in the planning process before they do any business. It can be a mistake to rush into things just because you think you have a brilliant idea. Social media is something most companies feel they need to be involved in and it would indeed be to your advantage to devise a robust social media strategy.
However, there are also several social media mistakes that can happen if you don’t have a good plan and in-depth knowledge. Therefore, this article aims to explain some of the errors that can be made to ensure you begin your start-up in the right way.


1. Following users too quickly

 When you start your social media accounts, it’s tempting to follow as many users as possible. Of course, this can be a useful strategy for growing your account on Twitter and various other social media sites. However, it takes time to gain traction, and mass following is likely to get you into trouble as you will look like a computer program or spammer.
 A far better approach is to get some top-quality content onto your social media pages and following just a few useful users. A good general rule to stick to on Twitter is to limit your following to 50 users a day and less on other platforms. After all, social media experts now recognize that engagement is more important than just increasing your numbers.


2. Being overly promotional in your content

 As a start-up, it’s quite likely you are using social media to promote your products and services. Therefore, it’s easy to start things off with too much promotional and sponsored content. However, there is a significant danger of turning people off at a critical time just when you are trying to build your audience.
Again, social media is about connections and conversations, and that should be your focus in the early stages. What you will find is when users trust the content you provide, then they will also be keen to investigate the other parts of your business. The critical point here is social media isn’t a sales channel but a place to connect with your audience.


3. Failure to connect your social media with other sides of your business

 The other extreme of being too promotional with your social media is when you almost forget you have a business to run. Of course, it’s fun to connect with your audience and enjoyable when your content receives engagement. However, it’s vital to remember that your social media must lead somewhere to make it worth doing.
Therefore, at least some of your content should connect to the other sides of your business. Examples of this would include products/services you sell, blog content, other things of interest on your website as well as things you are doing in the real world. As ever, the tricky part is getting the balance right on social media.


As a start-up, the first things you do could dictate how successful your business ends up being in the long run. Social media is something nearly every company should take advantage of, but it can also damage your brand if you make some common mistakes. Therefore, avoid following users too quickly, being overly promotional and ensure you connect your social media to other sides of your business.




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