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Step Away from your Startup – How Taking Time off Can Deliver Renewed Results





From lone-wolf mavericks to visionary thought leaders, all successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common: The desire to work the hours needed to win the business game.


It is almost a badge of honor to spend every waking moment driving your business forward. While there is no doubt that every startup needs plenty of attention to be a success, sometimes it is better for an entrepreneur to take a step back and spend a little time away, Rather than being a sign of low commitment of diminished drive, this can actually boost the success of your business in many important ways.



Restore Mental Clarity

When you’re caught up in the day-to-day details of running a business, it’s easy to lose your sense of perspective. Minor problems which have been nagging away at your for weeks can take on greater importance than they deserve, distracting you from the most important issues which need your attention. Taking a break will help to restore your mental clarity, and a change of scene will often prompt your subconscious to provide answers to those persistent problems.




Prove You’re Not Indispensable

While you may be the driving force behind your business, you’re not building a successful operation for the future if everything would fall apart the minute your back is turned. Taking time out lets you see just how your business copes without your continuous management, and will point up in areas of weakness in staff or procedure that you can strengthen, benefiting efficiency overall.




Avoiding Burn Out

Even the most driven and focused entrepreneur risks burning out if their entire life is filled with their business. Forcing yourself to spend a few days completely away from your startup can remind you of the pleasures of a more varied lifestyle, such a leisurely meal in a restaurant rather than a rushed sandwich of a working lunch. Success in business id a marathon and not a sprint, and you need to pace yourself to avoid dropping out the race early.




Renew Your Vitality

Even before you reach the stage of burn-out, a lack of life outside work will have a significant consequences for your business effectiveness. Without variety, your brain can begin to slow down, reducing your creativity and energy. A change of scene can revitalize your mind and renew your entrepreneurial spark.




High-Level View

Time away from the daily pressure of running a startup can being the bigger picture into sharper focus. You can remind yourself of where you want to be headed in the long term, rather than simply dealing with the daily details and urgent challenges your business throws at you.




New Energy is Contagious

Lastly, when you return to work refreshed after a break, your renewed energy will transmit itself throughout your company. Make sure that both you and your employees have scheduled realistic breaks/ vacations spaced throughout the year to keep your entire enterprise pushing forward with vigor rather than stagnating.



While stamina and ambition are the hallmarks of any successful entrepreneur, being obsessively driven is often counterproductive. Taking time away from your business will help it to flourish in the long run, so don’t give into the mistake and belief that working ever-longer hours is the only way to build a profitable company.



How do you like to spend your time away from work?




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