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Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs


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If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll need stamina – both physical and mental – to stay on top of your demanding role. But for stamina, you need good health, and for that, you need a wholesome, health-promoting diet. That said, healthy eating is probably the last thing you have time to think about at the moment, so factor it into your schedule before it’s too late. Here are some tips and tricks for getting that essential balanced diet into your entrepreneurial lifestyle, without interrupting it



Key components to your diet:

First, take a moment to recap on what your body needs to stay in tiptop form, strong and energized. Protein comes high on the list, and you’ll get it from meat, fish, dairy products, nuts and pulses. Vitamins and minerals are also important, so eat plenty of fresh fruit, salad and lightly cooked vegetables. You also need fiber, so eat the peel of your apples and carrots, or have porridge for breakfast, perhaps. You need a moderate intake of carbohydrates, found in filling foods like pasta, bread and noodles. A little fat is beneficial, so allow yourself a splash of oil or a knob of butter. Occasional sweet but nutritious treats, such as chocolate bars or oat cookies, are also fine.



Arrange your meals around your work:

As an entrepreneur, your days will be varied, which can pose problems for meal-planning. But there are ways around this, such as keeping food supplies with you and setting time-slots for meals. You could also set up some cooking facilities in your workplace, such as a microwave or toaster. If working at your laptop, you could do this in a café or restaurant, enjoying a good meal as you work. Meetings can be held in eating places, too, and your colleagues may welcome the opportunity for a proper meal. But choose your venues carefully to ensure they serve nourishing but affordable food.



Meal solutions:

It’s advisable to prepare your own meals sometimes to save money and ensure quality, rather than buying ready-made meals every time. Preparation needn’t take long, and you can be working while the mixture is cooking. One simple way is to boil a panful of rice, pasta or potato until soft, adding in your favorite vegetables, then stir in a tinned soup or sauce as a compromise. Add some grated cheese, sliced meat or other protein, and leave to cool. Take your meal to work in a sealed, plastic container, to eat cold or heated, as feasible.



Keep a stock of nutritious snacks:

Make a habit of taking a piece of fresh fruit to work each day. Apples are especially durable fruits, and easy to store and eat. Nuts and dried fruits are also convenient for storing, and make excellent energy-boosters.



Take standard-sized portions:

Eating the right amount is also important for health and stamina. If you put on too much weight, you may struggle with the physical aspects of your business, while if you eat too little, you are likely to become weak and easily tired, so try to keep your intake standard, from day to day.



Drink water:

Your body needs plenty of fresh water to aid digestion and circulation, so keep a tumbler or bottle handy to sip from and replenish throughout the day. Why not take a glass of water with your meals, too, for good measure?



For a rounded approach to keeping healthy and energized, combine your balanced diet with exercise, fresh air and relaxation. You’ll build your business even better by building your health as well.


How do you stay healthy as an Entrepreneur? 




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