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How to Get an Investor to Notice Your Startup

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As a startup company, you will often need that extra push that capital provides in order to get your business off the ground and making profits. Unfortunately, getting that little push usually requires a lot of work. Usually, investors help provide the money needed to jumpstart your company’s progress. Attracting investors to your company can be difficult to do. Sure, you can always audition for Shark Tank, but more traditional methods might be a bit more practical.


First things first, you must have everything in order. You need a good business plan that will realistically work. You need a product, service, or something else that you can show off to your investors. You will need a team of good and hard-working people and a company culture that fits.


Then, it is time to formulate a plan. Which investors are you looking for? What does your company offer them? What makes it different from other companies? Is there a market that your company serves? Will it scale quickly? Be ready to answer all sorts of questions and explain what sort of benefits your company can provide to investors. Prepare an elevator pitch that you can quickly run by investors when you meet them.



Now, it’s time to do some outreach. You could always cold email or cold call them. It’s a frightening thing to do, but it could always work. Social media is another reliable outlet to find investors. Many of them will be looking at your accounts anyways, so having a good social media presence is always a benefit. Perhaps one of the best ways to find someone is through referrals. Use your connections, especially the ones on LinkedIn, to introduce you to investors. Word-of-mouth will give you a lot more credibility.


Networking events are always a cost-efficient way to meet new people and find those who believe in your company. There’s no better opportunity to hand out business cards and meet other like-minded professionals. Most of all, they can be a fun chance to talk to other nice people and make meaningful connections.



It can be tough to find an investor. Startups don’t always have the credibility needed to attract venture capitalists that they need to fund their business. Use these techniques to help jumpstart your business and get the finances you need.  Find some additional tips that I’ve used to help build my businesses with investors here.



What are some tips you find useful when trying to attract investors?





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