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Easy Ways for Entrepreneurs to Deal With Rejection


Rejection 1



Rejection is awful. Everybody knows that. Just how bad can rejection be? It turns out that rejection can activate the same areas in the brain that are activated when we endure physical pain. Additionally, rejection can temporarily lower our I.Q. and reasonable thinking.

Over time, too much rejection can chip away at our confidence and self-esteem. This is because we often take “no” personally.


The reality is that our product or service was not right for that person at that time. Do not believe that you were rejected simply because the other party disliked you. Research has proved that human beings will stop doing something after failing or being rejected after three times. This statistic highlights the importance of pushing through the rejection by not taking it personally.


Be careful of how you react when initially rejected. If you are quick to snap in anger or react with sadness, try to keep a reign on your emotions. It’s okay to let out your emotions, but there is a certain time and place for it. Don’t end up letting loose on a potential partner or client.


Remember that each “no” brings you one step closer to receiving a “yes.” Ask questions and listen for answers. If you are rejected, perhaps you can find out why and improve in those areas. Assess and critically analyze your presentation and look for any flaws that may be hampering your success.



Try not to overthink your rejection. It will become much harder once you start ruminating on the reasons why you were rejected. This will just make you even more miserable. All successful people deal with rejection, but they never gave up. By not taking things personally and understanding that every “no” brings you a step closer to a “yes” you can embrace rejection as a stepping stone to success.



How do you deal with rejection?




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