How to Stop Procrastination While Working from Home


Procrastination 1



While many find working from home advantageous in many ways, it can also become quite challenging. For one, it does not offer the same limitations commonly established in a workplace. By choosing to work from home, you are more prone to distractions. More often, you may find yourself procrastinating instead of focusing on getting your work done.

If you are someone who can’t help but procrastinate while working from home, there are ways to stop it. Yes, you can stop procrastinating and finally get some work done. It is possible.



Start your day by organizing your to-do list

Creating a to-do list helps you identify and list down the things that you need to get done throughout the day. Ideally, your to-do list should be ready the night before. When you wake up, it should be one of the things you need to check. By doing so, you are re-orienting yourself to focus on your objectives for the day. Having an actual list of your daily goals will help keep you away from distractions.



Declutter your workspace

As much as possible, keep your workspace clean. You are more likely to get distracted if your workspace is full of clutter while you’re working. Develop a habit of cleaning first before you get any work done. You don’t need to be the tidiest person. You just need to do it regularly. Of course, this includes cleaning your desk and your desktop. Make sure to delete those unnecessary files, icons and unused shortcuts.


With your workspace free from clutter, you can avoid looking at unnecessary objects that will only distract you from completing your tasks.



Improve your time management method

If you still can’t help but procrastinate, chances are your current time management method isn’t really effective. Or perhaps, you don’t have one at all. Speaking of which, one of the most proven methods to boost productivity is the “Pomodoro Technique”. This method makes use of a timer so you can break down your work into intervals. You can use your phone’s timer or you can download a timer for free and install it on your computer. The idea is while the timer is running, you should only focus on completing your task. Once the timer rings, stop whatever it is you are doing and mark that task as done. Take a short break and for every four tasks you complete, you get a longer break.



Set up a vision board

A vision board is a tool often used to shift your focus back on a particular objective or life goal. It helps you procrastinate less since it serves as a constant reminder that there are things you need to get done in order to achieve your goal. When setting up a vision board, make sure that you place it on an area that you can immediately see like the front of your desk.



Put your phone on silent mode

Constantly hearing notifications from your phone doesn’t help you get things done. More often, it only serves as a distraction. If your work doesn’t really require that you constantly check on your phone for messages and calls, better put it on silent mode. Check it only when you are done.



Procrastination itself is a habit developed throughout the years and is often caused by lack of self-discipline. If you want to stop procrastination, you must choose to become more self-aware and productive. Procrastination is not something that you can completely let go of in a day. It takes work but once you’ve overcome it, the outcome will be truly rewarding. It will make you realize that being productive while working from home is completely attainable.



How do you beat procrastination working from home?

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