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Take A Break

Take a break 4

If you’re running your own business, chances are you’re pretty committed to it, and quite right, too. But are you becoming a slave to it and letting it take over your life? This can easily happen, so take a minute to consider whether you’ve got the balance right. It won’t hurt to take a break – in fact, it’ll benefit you in many ways, and your business, too. Here’s how:

A change of scene rejuvenates

A break from work refreshes the mind, enhancing its performance. Switch off your phone and focus on something outside work for a while, and you’ll feel yourself unwind and relax. You’ll be able to think faster and more clearly after chilling out, whether you rest for an hour, a day or a week. Taking a step back will also enable you to view your business from a wider perspective and analyze how it’s faring overall.

Ideas come when you’re relaxed

When the mind is open and relaxed, thoughts can flow, often bringing fresh ideas just where they’re needed. Whether you’re socializing, exercising or pursuing a pastime, you’ll be picking up new thoughts to empower your input back at the office. The combination of rest and a change might even spark a brilliant flash of inspiration.

Your personal life will benefit

Making money involves commitment, but it’s important to remember that you have other commitments, too. Your partner and family need you around, and your friends will miss your company, too, if you disappear for long. Relationships require time and attention to sustain, and that means turning your back on your computer screen sometimes. A happy personal life will impact positively on your work, amply compensating for any hours lost.

Your health will benefit

Entrepreneurship is a demanding role, so it’s important to keep as fit and healthy as possible. That means controlling your stress levels, maintaining a balanced diet and taking regular fresh air and exercise, and the best way to do all that is to take time out. With a proper break, away from it all, you can catch up with healthy living, giving mind and body a boost, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

Quality is more valuable than quantity in leadership input

Don’t feel guilty about taking some well-earned time off work now and again. You can be sure your colleagues and associates do the same. Just think how often you have to wait for replies to your messages sometimes, and let yourself take that leisurely approach, once in a while. The art of entrepreneurship lies not in hard slog but in clear vision and inspired moves, and you could get the inspiration you need while sailing the sea, climbing a mountain or sharing a meal with old friends.

The reality is you have a life to lead, as well as a business to run. By striking a healthy balance between the two, you’ll ensure yourself a happy and successful future.

How do you relax and recharge?


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